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Story Traditions

For additional testimonials, please go to the individual pages for speaking engagements, schools, and libraries.

"Everyone with whom I talked loved the stories and said that it was a great idea for the entertainment of the night. I am sure we will call on you again."
- Church in Catawba County

"It's special people like you who help teachers provide their students with enrichment opportunities that expand their knowledge and also help them see some diversity in their community."
- Teacher, Guilford County Schools

"Thanks for all that you've done to further storytelling in North Carolina. It is always wonderful to work with you"
- Executive Director, NC Youth Touring Theater

"She has the kind of voice that captures the students' attention. They listen to see what's going to happen next."
- Teacher, Seventh Grade, Mecklenburg County Schools

"Mrs. Payne was a guest storyteller at our annual Fall Camp-Out in October. We had a huge turnout of boys and their families for this event and they are all still talking about the wonderful stories Mrs. Payne told them. She was truly an outstanding storyteller and we all thoroughly enjoyed her suspenseful stories."
- Cub Scout Pack 368, Alamance Presbyterian Church, Greensboro, NC

"Her words whisper on the wind. Her visions run like deer through your mind. Before you know it, you're captured, hooked on her every move and sound. She's North Carolina's own Sylvia Payne."
- Hickory Daily News            

"Thank you for your wonderful performance. You absolutely enchanted everyone!"
- Catawba County Librarian

"Thank you for being a part of our 'Young Writer's Day' at Lindley Elementary School. We have gotten such positive feedback from the teachers and students. We received letters from one second grade class. Almost all of the students referred to enjoying Ms. Payne's story. I must say that I also find your talent and art form very fascinating. Thank you for sharing it with the students at Lindley."
- PTA Leader, Greensboro, NC

"Thank you for your contribution to our Ninth Annual North Carolina Day. Your willingness to share has enriched our students. We hope that you will visit us again. Our heartfelt thanks for the time and energy you contributed to North Carolina Day."
- McLeansville Middle School, McLeansville, NC  

"Dear Ms. Payne,

Thank you for the spooky ghost stories. I like it so much that I tore my shirt. I was crazy."
- ESLStudent - 2nd grade; Vandalia Elementary School,

"You are a treasure here in Greensboro! We are so blessed to have a world-class storyteller here working with students. Thank you for making time to come to McIver this year."
- McIver Education Center, Greensboro, NC

"Thank you for your time and attention to our students. Your stories and information were a wonderful addition to our multicultural studies...the quality of your stories, research and information is excellent. It is always exciting to have quality experiences for our students."
- Alamance Elementary, Media Specialist, Greensboro, NC

"Thank you for presenting a session at the adult program of this year's 'Young Writers Conference'. The response from the adult participants has been uniformly positive. The session you conducted was a marvelous hit with the parents! Your contributions to making the conference a success are greatly appreciated."
- School of Education Department of Library and Information
Studies, UNCG

"We want to thank you for your participation in our recently concluded institute, Ready to Learn: Kids Need Libraries at UNCG. The Storytelling Happening was a particular favorite among our varied programs, and we all very much enjoyed your wonderful contributions to that evening, including your moving reminiscence about your grandfather. We look forward to future opportunities to enjoy your talents!"
- School of Education Department of Library and Information Studies, UNCG

"You gave the Guilford College Art Appreciation Club a tremendous start for the year - Thank you for giving us of your time and talent. Each of us loves a good story and your presentation of the background of Storytelling gave a new appreciation. We marveled at your memory and your enthusiasm certainly was contagious. The two Jack Tales were the highlight of the meeting. Thank you again for a most delightful afternoon."
- Guilford College Art Appreciation Club, Greensboro, NC

"Dear Mrs. Payne,
I enjoyed your storytelling today. I especially enjoyed the one about you and your grandfather because it was interesting the way your grandfather saved you and I also found out opossums bite sometimes for protection instead of playing dead all the time. I also enjoyed the story of the 'Wise Man...' because it was funny, interesting and entertaining. I liked when the man put food in his clothes to teach the lesson and when he explained why he did this. I really enjoyed both stories. Thanks for coming. I hope you can come again."
- Guilford County, 5th Grade student

"On behalf of the Lady Lions I would like to thank you again for speaking to our group. We all enjoyed the stories you told. You are doing a great service sharing your talent with children, something they will always remember." - Lady Lions Club, Greensboro

"Dear Mrs. Payne,
Thank you for coming in and telling us about your grandfather and you. I like when you told us about when you were a little girl. You told us that you and your grandfather were going to look at your eggs that the ducks hatched. But when you got there you saw a dead snake with a stone painted white and it was stuck in the throat."
- Guilford County Elementary Student

"Thank you very much for your monthly guest appearances at the Neighborhood Nature Museum this Season. The children and other visitors have enjoyed your energetic and interactive nature tales."
- Greensboro, NC

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