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Sylvia Payne
In Schools

I have planned and presented educational programs in public schools for 25 years.   My presentations range from primary and elementary grades to high school.  

With years of experience, I have found that by applying storytelling in the classroom, a student's education may be enhanced in many ways.   Such as through -


  • Appreciation of History
  • Awareness of human behavior
  • Awareness and an appreciation of various cultures
  • Character Education
  • Imagination & Creativity
  • Knowledge
  • Language
  • Listening skills
  • Values such as responsibility & respect
  • Verbal communication
  • Writing skills

Types of Programs Offered:

  • Multicultural Folktales
  • Teaching Tales
  • Original Family and Personal Stories
  • Historical Stories
  • North Carolina Legends and Ghosts
  • Stories that Touch the Soul
  • Workshops for teachers and students
  • Creating an original Story
  • Gathering family stories and family history
  • Basic Storytelling
  • Programs through the North Carolina Humanities Speakers' Bureau:
    • "Storytelling: Passing it On Through Oral Tradition"
    • "We have Stories to Tell" - Family and Personal Stories

If you are in North Carolina and are a non-profit organization, you may apply for a grant from the North Carolina Humanities Speakers Forum.   I offer two topics through the Humanities, listed on page 26 in the hard copy, and in the online directory at:



"Thanks for all that you've done to further storytelling in North Carolina.   It is always wonderful to work with you"
- Lynn Salsi, Author, Historian and Executive Director, NC Youth Touring Theater

"Thank you for being a part of our 'Young Writer's Day' at Lindley Elementary School.   We have gotten such positive feedback from 

the teachers and students.   We received letters from one second grade class.   Almost all of the students referred to enjoying 

Ms. Payne's story.   I must say that I also find your talent and art form very fascinating.   Thank you for sharing it with the students at Lindley."  
- Julie Wade, PTA Leader, Lindley Elementary School, Greensboro, NC

"You are a treasure here in Greensboro!   We are so blessed to have a world-class storyteller here working with students.  

 Thank you for making time to come to McIver this year."
- Fay Schaffer, McIver Education Center, Greensboro, NC

"Thank you for your time and attention to our students.   Your stories and information were a wonderful addition to our multicultural 

studies...the quality of your stories, research and information is excellent.   It is always exciting to have quality experiences for our students."
- Joanne Sink, Media Specialist, Alamance Elementary, Greensboro, NC

"Thank you very much for your monthly guest appearances at the Neighborhood Nature Museum this Season.  

 The children and other visitors have enjoyed your energetic and interactive nature tales."
- Orrie Crews, Director, Neighborhood Nature Museum, Greensboro, NC

© 2004 Sylvia Payne