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by Sylvia Payne

A variety of programs are offered with each one designed to fit your particular need.   No two programs are alike, though they may be similar in content.

Stories help us see ourselves and understand who we really are:   This program incorporates folktales showing our humanness and our flaws.   It may also include taking a look at our own stories in handling certain life situations.

North Carolina history, legends and folklore:   In this program, Sylvia shares some of North Carolina's legends around the state, which can include ghost tales and the unexplained.   She can also include personal stories and stories about her grandfather who lived in North Carolina.   This program may be tailored to fit your individual need.

World Folktales in the 21 st Century:   This program includes stories which show that human beings have not changed all that much, if any.   Similar thoughts, behavior, and feelings have permeated throughout the centuries.

Two workshops are offered: Discovering Our Personal Stories and Finding Family Stories.   Both workshops will show you how to unlock yours or someone in your family's "memory trunk" so that you can begin collecting your own personal or family stories.    There must be a catalyst to lead you to the story.   The catalyst will provide participants the opportunity to discover "hidden memory scraps" that can eventually lead to a completed story.  

If you are in North Carolina and are a non-profit organization, you may apply for a grant from the North Carolina Humanities Speakers Forum.   I offer two topics through the Humanities, listed on page 26 in the hard copy, and in the online directory at:

Other types of programs or workshops may be designed upon request.

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